Employment and Severance Agreements

The Garber Law Firm advises employers regarding employment contracts and severance agreements. We assist Employers in drafting employment and executive contracts for potential and new employees as well as severance agreements when the need arises to terminate an employee.

Employment Contracts

We can help you draft a terms included in employment agreements such salary, benefits, relocation, buyout clauses, or stock options as well as confidentiality agreements and trade secret agreements.

Severance Agreements

In the event the need arises to terminate an employee, a severance agreement can provide an employer with a sense of finality and protection from future litigation arising from potential claims a terminated employee may have. A comprehensive severance agreement can be a highly effective alternative to protracted litigation in claims involving wage and hour issues, employment discrimination, wrongful termination other employment related issues.

Typically, a well drafted severance agreement will include the payment a sum of money, as well as perhaps other benefits from insurance payments to references. Importantly, it will also include releases from the terminated employee from any potential future claims the employee may have against the employer. The Garber Law Firm has drafted many such agreements and has years of experience in negotiating these agreements and defending them.


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