Employee / Independent Contractor Issues

Many businesses enjoy the advantages of using independent contractors in certain situations. However, this is an area of increased scrutiny by the IRS and State and Federal agencies that enforce employee rights. The Garber Law Firm has a long history of defending businesses that use independent contractors.

The Garber Law Firm consults with businesses that use independent contractors to help them lower their liability in doing so. The many services that The Garber Law Firm provides to businesses using independent contractors include:

  • Reviewing and revising independent contractor agreements;
  • Helping strengthen independent contractor relationships;
  • Defending companies when they are audited by state departments of unemployment insurance, the IRS, and other government agencies;
  • Keeping companies up to date about any changes in the law which might impact on independent contractor situations;
  • Advising companies about their risk in using independent contractors and helping them lower that risk;
  • Helping companies establish and maintain independent contractor files;
  • Doing in-house training to teach companies how to properly interface with their independent contractors; and
  • Revising the many kinds of written materials that a company might use in connection with its independent contractors.

There are many kinds of independent contractors used all over the United States including carpenters, sales representatives, direct sellers, consultants, engineers, real estate appraisers, landscapers, architects, truck drivers, messenger couriers, taxicab drivers, carpet installers, loan officers, interior designers, accountants, court reporters, computer programmers, graphic artists, instructors, massage therapists, psychiatrists, etc.

Contact The Garber Law Firm should you have any questions involving the use of Independent Contractors.

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